Frequently Questioned Answers

Where's the source code?

Here (releases) and here (git).

How do you pronounce 'werchan'?

oui (like the French word) rc (like the shell) hon (like the game)

What's with the logo?

The logo depicts a 'w', a lightning bolt, and a clover leaf. It blatantly rips off combines the werc and 4chan logos.

Why should I use werchan over X?



See >>>/meta/55 for a more detailed explanation of why werchan is good.

Why doesn't werchan do/have X?

Either because no one has suggested it, or because the community has already voted against it. Try suggesting it on /meta/.

werchan doesn't work in my browser!

You're probably using Abaco. Use Mothra or complain on /meta/ and I'll try to make it work.

Why is werchan slow?

Likely causes include my $0.25/mo server sucking. Try donating or contributing an optimization patch.

Does werchan respect my freedoms?

Yes! It is available under the public domain as well as the MIT and ISC licenses. Get the sources here.

Why aren't you preserving freedom with the GPL?

werchan is based on werc, so I am using the same licensing. You can start a flamewar about it on /meta/ or licensing in general on /free/.

How can I contribute?

How can I extend werchan's frontend?


If you'd like to implement a JavaScript feature but the community has decided against including it in werchan, you can make a userscript yourself. Please share these on /meta/ as Free Software and I'll include them on the userscripts page.

If you'd like to write a custom stylesheet for werchan, you can use this as a base. Please share these on /meta/ and I'll include them on werchan.


You can find existing userscripts to extend werchan's functionality on the userscripts page.

Who are you?

Want to join the team and help out? Join us at #werchan on freenode!

How should I contact you?

E-mail urgent inquiries to gentoo at member dot fsf dot org, join the dev team at #werchan on freenode, and post anything else (complaints, suggestions, calls for help, banners...) on /meta/. We read all three.

I found something illegal on werchan!

After verifying that it is in fact illegal under Canadian law, e-mail gentoo at member dot fsf dot org and it will be dealt with within 24 hours. The file server at is not part of werchan, but you can contact me for that as well.

I have a warrant and need to see your server logs!

I don't keep logs or removed user content, but e-mail gentoo at member dot fsf dot org if there's anything else I can help with. The file server at is not part of werchan, but you can contact me for that as well.