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Firefly: New Gentoo-based distro aiming for FSDG compliance

Anonymous Mon Jul 27 13:51:18 EDT 2015 No.28

FireFly GNU+Linux operating system - a project aiming for compliance with the Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG). FireFly is committed to provide only freedom-respecting free/libre software. Derived from Gentoo, FireFly can be automatically optimised and customised for just about any application or need with extreme performance, configurability and minimalism.


  1. Pre Kernel deblobbing – to do away with the “deblob” USE flag and to provide the kernel without non-free firmware blobs..
  2. Portage Cleaning – Checking for license notices, adding replacements like iceweasel, icedove, ath9k-htc-firmware, etc, and write scripts to generate FireFly’s portage-libre.
  3. Release systemd enabled stage3.
  4. ISO Building
  5. Initial Documentation – To assist with installation and migration.

Ututo BTFO

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Anonymous Mon Feb 8 15:43:57 GMT 2016 No.85


Also your link doesn’t work.

hm, the project seems to have disappeared

Anonymous Mon Feb 8 21:22:34 GMT 2016 No.86

FreeToo GNU-Linux/Libre

It’s GNU and it’s FreeToo!

Anonymous Sat Mar 25 20:10:05 GMT 2017 No.110

project is dead ? site is offline

The JavaScript Trap

Anonymous Sun Apr 19 21:10:45 EDT 2015

How much of a problem is non-free JavaScript? Is it on the same level as regular software? For privacy/security I guess not, since it's sandboxed. But freedom?

Do you use LibreJS? NoScript? A browser without JS support?

Are there still concerns even with free JS? Should it be avoided altogether?

Could blocking JS (at least via LibreJS) and being obscure be counterproductive as far as privacy is concerned?

What do you think of RMS' decision to start connecting directly to websites with Icecat and LibreJS?<

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Anonymous Thu May 7 20:10:23 EDT 2015 No.6

Non-free JavaScript isn’t a problem. The license is utterly unenforcible simply because the code is pulled and executed by one’s browser without any kind of license agreement or terms of use. The only thing “protecting” it is a flimsy-ass license which is only present in the first place because a lack thereof makes legal departments sweat.

Anonymous Thu Feb 9 14:50:46 GMT 2017 No.108

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Anonymous Mon Feb 20 21:21:53 GMT 2017 No.109

mothra doesnt support JS and i feel i am better off for that

Signed RMS Photo Print

Anonymous Mon Mar 28 02:17:45 GMT 2016 No.99

Signed RMS Photo Print

Spruce up your office or home with our signed 8 12 by 11 inch photo print of Richard Stallman. These are individually hand-signed by RMS himself, and feature the “Happy Hacking” salutation. The prints are suitable for framing. We have a limited supply, so get yours today.

So when is the little FREE book coming out??

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