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best country

Anonymous Sun Jul 26 00:49:29 EDT 2015 No.7

what country should werchan move to?


  1. loli ok
  2. freedom
  3. good internet
  4. computer related jobs
  5. cheap importing of weebshit

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Anonymous Sat Jan 2 03:25:12 EST 2016 No.16

Why would you want to import weebshit fag?

Anonymous Sat Jan 2 12:20:31 EST 2016 No.18

i dont actually know but taiwan maybe

Anonymous Sat Feb 4 19:59:22 GMT 2017 No.26

@11 dont make me choose

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Anonymous Thu Sep 15 09:48:51 GMT 2016 No.25

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Thread Español

Anonymous Wed Jul 15 19:55:09 EDT 2015 No.2

Escriben más memes dank, cabrónes.
No europeos son permitidos

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Anonymous Sat Jan 2 12:46:55 EST 2016 No.19

hey unlink the 4chan-esque boards

Anonymous Sat Jan 2 13:34:19 EST 2016 No.20

make a thread on /meta/ with some justification and then open a poll after some discussion

Anonymous Sun May 1 04:44:32 GMT 2016 No.21

Quiero un novia de Chile