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happy birthday werchan

Anonymous Thu Apr 20 05:10:56 GMT 2017 No.303

I’m like an hour late but close enough

werchan is now 2 or 3 years old I forget

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Anonymous Thu Apr 20 05:14:52 GMT 2017 No.304

it’s 2 years

voting feature

Anonymous Sat Mar 19 00:14:54 GMT 2016 No.216

The voting feature is misguided, there’s situtations where you don’t want to select any options and it’s better if you can just post wahtever

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Anonymous Mon Mar 21 19:12:41 GMT 2016 No.221

much of the time polls are created based on discussion in an initial /meta/ thread and would not be as effective if they were made prior to pure debate. in these cases there is already an unavoidable matching /meta/ thread when a poll is made

the current system is for consistency: voting goes on /poll/, discussion goes on /meta/

Anonymous Wed Jan 25 10:27:05 GMT 2017 No.301

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pissed of stormfag

Anonymous Mon Apr 20 05:36:04 EDT 2015

need /pol/ board

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Anonymous Tue Jun 2 15:31:24 EDT 2015 No.40

/pol/ is go as per /poll/
yes /poll/ is broken, but no one voted against /pol/

direct complaints to /meta/

Anonymous Tue Jan 17 08:24:37 GMT 2017 No.297

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Anonymous Tue Jan 17 20:37:10 GMT 2017 No.300

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