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Show us your own os you made

Anonymous Wed Apr 12 19:13:00 GMT 2017 No.194

not making your own os current year


Anonymous Wed May 27 23:14:05 EDT 2015 No.28

templeos bread


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Anonymous Mon Jul 6 03:52:48 EDT 2015 No.31

CIA niggers

Anonymous Mon Feb 20 19:47:37 GMT 2017 No.192


Anonymous Mon Feb 20 21:20:18 GMT 2017 No.193

you dont use templeos why should i

9front on windows using virualbox (5.0.14 r105127 2016)

Anonymous Sat Jan 30 16:04:22 EST 2016 No.161

9front on windows using virualbox (5.0.14 r105127 2016)

*tested with oracle's extensions. might work without.


0. File -> Prefrences (changing default keybindings that annoy me uner linux and plan9)
        VirtualBox Manager
            delete all the shortcuts
        Virtual Machine
            Host Key Combination
                change Right Ctrl to Application #the other Windows key that usually pops-up the right mouse button context menu.

1. New (Expert Mode)
    Type: other Version: Other/Unknown (64-bit)
    Memory Size: 768mb #less didn't work when installing the system.
    Create a virtual disk (VDI, 8GB, Fixed)
2. Settings
            Boot Order
                x Optical
                x Hard Disk
                0 Floppy
                0 Network
                If you choose ICH9 then you'll need to switch the acpi on in the boot prompt. However, on remote "cloud" installs you might suffer from too much latency and won't be able to reach the boot prompt. So, you might be better off installing with Piix3 and once the system is running, set *acpi=1 in plan9.ini and switch to Piix3 at your leisure.
                Chipset: ICH9
                        ip/ping gateway works
                        ip/ping gateway fails
                Chipset: Piix3
                        ip/ping gateway fails
                        ip/ping gateway works 
            Pointing Device
                PS/2 Mouse
            Extended Features
                x Enable I/O APIC
                0 Enable EFI
                0 Hardware Clock in UTC Time
            x Enable PAE/NX
            Para Interface
                KVM #as a general rule of thumb, never leave any setting as "Default" in VirtualBox. Those defaults tend to switch between versions.
            Hardware Virtualization
                x Enable VT-x/AMD-V
                x Enable Nested Paging
            Video Memory
                12mb #for smooth VM usage 24 and 32mb seems better but most people switch to drawterm anyhow...
        Controller: IDE #sata doesn't work for me
        0 Enable Audio #similar to the Video Memory situation. Also, drawterm doesn't support audio under windows.
        Attached to:
            Brdiged adapter
                your ethernet adapter
                Adapter Type
                    virtio-net #fastest and most efficient.
        0 Enable USB Controller #I haven't tested it. There were instances of failures reported on IRC depending on version numbers, para interfaces, the moons' alignment in relation to saturn, etc...
    User Interface
        disable "Help" #only Knuth can help you now.
        remove "Devices"->"Insert Guest Additions" #only available for linux and windows anyhow
        add "Machine"->"Power Off"

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Anonymous Sun May 29 18:49:34 GMT 2016 No.185

you know you can reference posts with just @#

Anonymous Sat Jan 21 01:56:57 GMT 2017 No.190

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Anonymous Mon Jan 30 22:23:45 GMT 2017 No.191

Please do not under any circumstances resort to using Windows