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Hitler did nothing wrong.

Anonymous Wed Jul 15 15:33:48 EDT 2015 No.10

should work now

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Anonymous Sun Mar 12 13:42:19 GMT 2017 No.147

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Anonymous Mon Jul 3 00:47:45 GMT 2017 No.149

Ich liebe this thread. Perhaps try alt-right twitta too crackas!

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Anonymous Tue Jul 11 02:08:48 GMT 2017 No.150

Fuck jews lol

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Welcome to /pol/

Anonymous Tue Jun 2 15:27:58 EDT 2015 No.1

werchan’s first sort-of-community-decided board

/poll/ is totally broken but no one voted against it so here we are

/pol/ has been added to the rules
discuss changes on /meta/

happy /pol/ing

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Anonymous Thu Nov 19 17:14:36 EST 2015 No.58

i vote against

Anonymous Thu Nov 26 01:32:05 EST 2015 No.65

I vote for Richard M. Stallman.

Anonymous Tue Feb 28 06:08:23 GMT 2017 No.146

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