Privacy Policy

Last updated 14 May 2015 (added Ads section)


Comments are public.


No logs are kept.


Threads that have been removed from the thread lists (including automatically pruned threads as well as threads deleted for rule violations) are deleted from the server at the same time they are removed from the thread lists.

Personal Information

None is collected except your IP address, unless you opt to provide personal information yourself in your posts. werchan can see your IP address but does not log it. werchan is not responsible for user-generated posts or personal information within.


werchan does not use any sort of analytics system.

User Accounts

Users are identified with a client-side cookie. This is automatically used to customize your posts, but is ignored otherwise. This cookie is not used for tracking or analytics.


Other cookies may be set for storing your settings, including selected style. These are automatically used to customize pages delivered to you, but are ignored otherwise. These cookies are not used for tracking or analytics. For maximum privacy, you may wish to leave your settings at their default values.


JavaScript is avoided whenever possible for maximum support, but is used to enhance experience on browsers that do support it. This JavaScript is trivial and is delivered unobfuscated, so you can easily audit it.

Third Parties

Except public posts, no information is shared with third parties unless required by law. Based on above logging and retention policies, very little information is available for law enforcement however.


Advertisements are provided by Anonymous Ads. Their privacy policy can be found here. Anonymous Ads could collect information about you when you see ads on werchan. You can disable these ads in the settings.


TogetherJS collaborative posting is provided by Mozilla Labs. Their privacy policy can be found here. Mozilla could collect information about you when you visit the /collab/ board. You can avoid this by avoiding /collab/.


Changes to this document will be noted on the werchan homepage.