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Anonymous Sun Apr 19 19:44:57 EDT 2015

whatcha workin' on? Currently I'm making babby's first image-to-curses program, but later I hope to extend it to playing movies with curses.

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Anonymous Tue Nov 10 19:46:18 EST 2015 No.60


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Anonymous Fri Jan 1 02:16:49 EST 2016 No.70


imageboard using Illustration2Vec for automatic image tagging


Anonymous Fri Mar 24 14:53:44 GMT 2017 No.86

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Anonymous Thu Mar 24 20:19:19 GMT 2016 No.81

portable software should run everywhere unchanged, not be written against specific platforms

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Anonymous Fri Sep 23 16:11:46 GMT 2016 No.85


Maybe but that requires abstraction on a non portable base.

SPARC addition in lisp might have a bug that x86 will not, you will have to know that and rip your hair out finding that out instead of C or ASM which will be fairly transparent about machine differences.