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favorite vidya?

Anonymous Sun Apr 19 21:17:46 EDT 2015

What is your favorite vidya?

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Anonymous Sat Jan 2 03:23:47 EST 2016 No.45

Dude Sex, Chaos Theory, Dark Mod the list could go on

Anonymous Fri Apr 29 09:04:43 GMT 2016 No.46

I’ve played far too many games, it’s too hard to choose favourites for me…

Anonymous Thu Nov 17 07:30:31 GMT 2016 No.48

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Anonymous Wed Aug 5 01:03:36 EDT 2015 No.24


They’ve been caught spying on their users several times already. I wouldn’t trust it at all. This picture is the more recent one where they were caught spying on DNS logs of their users(that’s worth money to them and doesn’t have anything to do with cheating as they’ve claimed) and their PR spin reassurance about not wanting to spy on users is complete garbage:

VAC is inherently a scary looking piece of software, because it is trying to be obscure, it is going after code that is trying to attack it, and it is sneaky. For most cheat developers, social engineering might be a cheaper way to attack the system than continuing the code arms race, which means that there will be more Reddit posts trying to cast VAC in a sinister light.

There’s no casting this in a sinister light, it’s spyware that reports your private information back to their servers. Whether you’re gullible to believe their fairy tales about not caring about invading your privacy is up to you. They were able to make this issue go away but after the whole paid mod debacle with most of reddit telling Gabe to fuck off with his bullshit answers I’m sure they would have been called out had this came out more recently.

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Anonymous Wed Aug 12 05:56:15 EDT 2015 No.28

There’s VAC on SteamOS and Linux too amirite?

Anonymous Sun Nov 29 00:55:53 EST 2015 No.44

The real question is why in the fuck are you using a system to consolize your PC in the first place
you fucking ask for the dildo and then whine when it gets shoved up your ass

quit bitching about being abused by corps and stop using shit software in the first place

Anonymous Sun Sep 11 11:53:03 GMT 2016 No.47

Where that post came from